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C9’s thoughtful connecting of Google Workspace applications delivers positive outcomes for our clients


Achieving Together: Our Customer Success Story with KWB Building


Cloud9 Advisory developed a solution for K Wiggin Building, LLC (“KWB”), a custom home-building company located in Nantucket, Mass.

KWB has been a Cloud9 Tax client since 2019 and a Cloud9 CFOaaS client since 2021. KWB was searching for a more efficient solution for managing the insurance certification tracking process for its subcontractors.


When Cloud9 heard of the difficulty of tracking Certificates of Insurance (“COI”), we knew there was a solution that could be created leveraging Google Workspace, a platform already used by KWB. Working in collaboration with KWB and other associated parties, we strived to create a solution to streamline the COI process for KWB.


Cloud9 was able to successfully collaborate remotely and assist the Business Owner in obtaining a solution that assisted not only internal parties, but also external parties, namely the Owner’s Insurance Broker, Insurance Auditor and the Subcontractors.

Business Owner

Owner’s Insurance Broker (External)

Insurance Auditor



Unhappy with the solutions generally available, and the prospect of learning and managing a new point solution software, KWB worked with the Cloud9 Digital team to design and develop a customized solution to this problem.

Building custom homes is not a “one-man” job. In order to build customized, beautiful homes on Nantucket, KWB subcontracts a variety of tradesmen (carpenters, plumbers, etc.) for each build. Across multiple projects, KWB is faced with a crucial, but time-consuming responsibility: collecting and maintaining a COI for applicable subcontractors and ensuring each subcontractor is adequately insured and an active certificate is held for the duration of the project.

KWB’s present-day process included obtaining paper copies of Certificates of Insurance which was inefficient and required management to be on the job site to log the certificates and manually check for upcoming expiration dates.

“Thanks to Cloud9, now I am able to have direct access to the needed files and receive notifications when important deadlines are coming up. This solution has helped me manage files more efficiently and with the saved up time I can now re-allocate it onto other projects and keep my business growing!

– Kris Wiggin KWB Owner


Cloud9 Advisory, a trusted Google Partner, addressed KWB’s challenges by digitizing each Certificate of Insurance and establishing a well-organized digital library on Google Drive. This enables KWB management to access details from anywhere: the job site, the office, or from home.

From there, Cloud9 created a customized Certificate of Insurance Calendar in Google Calendar that sends automated reminders to KWB management regarding COI expiration dates. For each notification received, KWB also had instant access to relevant details including the subcontractor’s name and email, the insurance company’s email, a pdf of the about-to-expire COI, and a pre-drafted email to send to obtain COI Renewal.


The COI Calendar was developed through Google Workspace Apps: Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Gmail. This allowed the file management and user experience to be both collaborative and “real-time” – any changes made were directly synched to all connected devices and accounts.

Additionally, because the calendar is customizable, Cloud9 Advisory was able to set up as many notifications as KWB requested, which helped KWB remember and manage subcontractor COIs in an easier way and have it all available in one place.

The nature of the COI Calendar proved how simple and easy it is to implement in any business. The solution was created with Google Apps native to Google Workspace. The results and transfer of files are immediate – within a week, all your files can be moved and used on the Google Workspace platform.



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