The XaaS Business Model

XaaS Fueled By Business Agility

Customers want flexible consumption options and businesses across industries are undergoing profound shifts in how they package and sell their products and services. The result for businesses is a transition from a product-based approach to a service or outcome-based approach. If done right, this delivers enhanced value to customers, increases customer retention and creates recurring, predictable revenues and cash flows. Our team has experience guiding businesses through the XaaS transformation from every angle.


Pricing Frameworks

We help clients design and implement usage-based, value-based and asset based pricing scenarios for their products.

Unifying Sales and Finance Teams

We help clients create operational efficiencies in their quote-to-cash processes by breaking down front and back office silos.

Establishing Business Policies & Controls

We help clients document policies, monitor compliance and iterate for best practices. Sound policies and implementation improves the customer interaction, facilitates billing and collections and provides more timely and accurate revenue recognition and financial reporting.



A financial advisory firm that works at the intersection of finance and technology. Most finance professionals aren’t technologists and most technologists don’t understand the day to day objectives of today’s finance departments – that’s where we come in.

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Cloud9 has been a trusted advisor for my small business since 2016. Most recently, C9 helped evaluate the impact of recent tax reform (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) on my company’s projected operations, including the corporate tax rate reduction and pass-through reforms. C9 provided me with insight and analysis tailored to my operating plans, and allowed me to make an educated decision on tax elections and other operating strategies going-forward. C9’s advisory has been instrumental in our planning for key business decisions in 2020 and beyond.

Working with C9 is a refreshing experience. I would recommend them to any business owner looking to strategically navigate any complex business decisions.

Brian HarrahyPresident, FHA Preservation Group

Chad is an A player who works smart and hard to produce the best results of himself and everyone around him. He’s a pleasure to work with and see excellent things for Cloud9’s future!! A++

Mark Eliot

I've worked with the folks at Cloud9 Advisory for over 3 years now and I've always been very impressed by the suite of services they offer my business. They're always available, very friendly and most importantly they know their stuff. Very satisfied.

William DeVitoFounder & CEO CRMD, Inc.

I called Cloud9 Advisory to reconcile my books for the year and to set them up so they are streamlined moving forward. They did everything I asked and more. They added their own thoughts/advice/practices which were things I wasn’t even thinking about and were extremely knowledgeable in regard to taxes in many different areas of business. Easy to work with and A+ advice and guidance. Highly recommend.

Jon LawlessOwner, Vault Properties