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Cute Pup Running Through A Christmas Tree Farm

Finding the Christmas Spirit In Nantucket

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2020 has been a unique year where having the ability to reimagine and adapt seems more important than ever.  The Island of Nantucket was able to do just that by creating and holding its first annual “Nantucket Noel” Christmas tree decorating event – a reimagining of the weekend event usually held on the Island during the first week in December.    As many of you know, Nantucket is a seasonal island that is quite empty during the winter months.   In past years, Nantucket would open up shops and dining for one weekend in December, previously known as Christmas Stroll, to help celebrate the holiday before the winter cold forced everyone inside to curl up against their cozy fires.  Proceeds from the event, in turn, go back to benefit the community in the form of scholarships to support those looking to further their education beyond high school.

Close up of ornaments on a Nantucket Tree

Holiday Traditions Reimagined

This year, however, the weekend had to be reimagined due to the concerns of COVID-19.  In order to continue its tradition of bringing people together during the holidays to celebrate while supporting the local community, Nantucket Noel was created so the tradition could continue – safely.  The result was that Nantucket Noel was a creative and festive event that safely brought people together to spread holiday joy and support those in need – something everyone could use especially in this very abnormal year.

As a Boston based company with deep ties throughout New England, Cloud9 Advisory is well aware of the need to continue the Island tradition that so many of us look forward to each holiday season.  Cloud9 Advisory was excited to contribute and be a part of Nantucket Noel by donating a Christmas tree to the public schools for the children to decorate.  The tree was entered into the Nantucket Noel tree decorating contest.  Although this year is different, the traditions can be reimagined and maintained.  The simple act of decorating a tree was able to bring people together (safely) to celebrate the holiday.   Giggles and Christmas music filled the air as members of the public-school community worked together to make the tree bright, elaborate, and festive.  Underneath the masks, it was clear that the children’s faces lit up as bright as the lights on the Christmas tree.  Seeing the community find a way to come together provided much-needed hope and joy.  

Donated Tree In Nantucket

Nantucket Noel served as a reminder that despite needing to remain 6 feet apart and wear face coverings, the tight-knit cozy community of Nantucket will always find a way to bring people throughout our area together. All that is needed is a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of imagination, and the willingness of people to adapt. Seeing the community come together and work to decorate something so full of light and life brings us at Cloud9 much joy.

 We at Cloud9 hope that you find a way to get creative to celebrate the holiday season and hopefully decorate a tree of your own with loved ones.

 From our Christmas tree to yours, we are wishing each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday and a great start to the new year!



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Technology Advisory – Jr. Business Intelligence Consultant

By Jobs

Boston, MA | Remote


Our Technology Advisory team leverages the power of technology, data and analytics to uncover hidden relationships from vast troves of data, generate insights, and inform business decision-making. Our consultants work with clients to design and operationalize data capture techniques, structure and cleanse data and create powerful visualizations. Additionally, our consultants contribute to internal firm initiatives and ad-hoc analytics projects. 


  • Maintain a comprehensive library of documentation inclusive of process, methodology, and similar artifacts. 
  • Support the construction of back end data assets, including both Big Data (i.e complex SQL) and tiny metadata data sources like Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Gather and analyze large amounts of information expeditiously; sift through and analyze data, and develop compelling, insightful recommendations for leadership.
  • Perform data quality checks of digital analytics data to ensure data integrity
  • Support, build and maintain client-facing dashboards and reports, contributing to ongoing knowledge management.
  • Communicate, mentor, promote, detail and share methods to colleagues across the company.


  • Experience driving strategic recommendations through statistical analysis (e.g. in SQL, R, Python, STATA, MATLAB).
  • Functional expertise using Office 365, Google Google Workspace
  • Excellent data analysis, modeling, SQL, with ability to communicate and influence effectively by presenting data in a compelling way
  • Strong design thinking and demonstrated experience in building low operational support solutions that are both extensible and scalable
  • Outstanding problem solving and analysis skills, combined with impeccable business judgment
  • Understanding of fundamental principles of the visual display of information, passion for tinkering with technology to build novel solutions
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