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Unlocking the Power of KPIs: A Guide to Elevating Your Organizational Data Strategy

KPI – Measure What Matters

Chad Cavanaugh
Founder – Cloud9 Advisory, Inc.

Recently, our Founder co-authored an article on the usefulness of KPIs in developing an organizational data strategy.

But why should you care about KPIs? After careful research and many years of experience, we realized that utilizing data to make decisions is the tool that will help your business become more competitive in the long term.

In this article, Dr. Alfonso Berumen and Cloud9 Founder, Chad Cavanaugh, explore how various analytical techniques can be applied in a real-world example to derive insights that improve business performance.

As a result, they will enlighten you with a KPI-centered approach to developing your organization’s data analytics strategy.

From The Article

“With the vast ecosystem of information technology systems available to management along with the wide-ranging analytical techniques that can be applied to data, knowing where to start the journey toward a data-driven decision-making approach can be daunting to management.[1]”

Integrating a new methodology into your business can be challenging! However,  you can now discover the importance of KPIs and improve your business strategies!

[1] Alfonso Berumen, and Chad Cavanaugh. “Developing a KPI-Driven Data Strategy – a Peer-Reviewed Academic Articles: GBR.” Graziadio Business Review | Graziadio School of Business and Management | Pepperdine University, Graziadio Business Review | Pepperdine University, 29 July 2021,

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